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Every four years there is a new presidential election, which always ends up with negativity - which is mostly inspired by attack ads and rivals bringing out dirty laundry. This election includes the standard campaigning, primaries, caucuses and all that other fun political stuff. Not surprisingly, each election also comes with its own set of nasty controversies. The upcoming 2008 election is no different in the Republican or Democratic parties. The leading Republican candidates are currently Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson. Unsurprisingly, both these candidates have controversial issues in their past as well.

Let's begin with Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani has been plagued by many extreme controversies in his past, perhaps the most notable being his company, Giuliani Partners LLC. Giuliani founded this security consulting group shortly after leaving office as the mayor of New York City. Giuliani and his company have often been considered a lobbying entity, and he is generally accused of using his name to increase business and credibility as well as increase government use of his company. Another major controversy in Giuliani's recent history was the Bracewell-Giuliani deal. Leading law firm, Bracewell & Patterson LLP hoped to merge with Giuliani Partners LLC. This merger deal was illegal due to conflicts of interest that could be caused within the law firm, though the two companies continue to be in close correlation, and often make decisions to benefit both entities.

Fred Thompson is just like every other candidate in that he also has his own set on controversies to deal with in the upcoming election. Thompson was involved in what is generally considered one of the largest controversies in American history, Watergate. Thompson was one of the men who informed the White House Committee of the famous Watergate Tapes. Another of Thompson's controversies involved a large sum of money being paid to Thompson's son from his political action committee. Generally candidates donate their political money to their party, rather than giving a bonus to a related campaign consultant, but there was nothing illegal about the deal. Thompson also is plagued by his one-time support of abortion. For a short time Thompson lobbied on the side of abortion, this political change will never leave Thompson's record.

As it is easy to tell, both leading candidates have major controversial issues that must be dealt with in the upcoming election. Not only do these leading candidates have these problems but every candidate from every party will eventually have to deal with issues similar to these. It is the responsibility of the voter to go out, find out more about the candidates and finally make an educated vote.

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Controversial Republicans

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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